What is Thai Massage

In the last few years, Thai massage has become well-recognized for its many benefits:

  • improved flexibility
  • greater mobility
  • promoting circulation, and
  • as an effective adjunct modality for individuals dealing with musculo-skeletal and postural conditions.

It is now practiced by a variety of health care professionals such as massage therapists, physiotherapists, sports therapists as well as many others.

But, what is Thai Massage Therapy? –It’s all about balance!
Most simply, it is a bodywork system that promotes greater movement and mobility in the body as a whole. Depending on what conditions are present a number of different techniques may be used.

  • Fascial release
  • Acupressure
  • Assisted stretching
  • Active and passive release
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Thai Herbal Compress

Everything is related:
As a part of this system -we treat the body as a whole as there is an understanding that anytime we have tension, an injury or trauma or even just trough overuse, the body accommodates  and then adapts to these movement patterns. In order to treat a specific area, we have to also treat the other affected areas. This will bring the overall movement patterns back into balance.

It is founded on Thai medicine that follows the view that overall health and wellness is individual based and recognizes the need to treat the “whole person” when dealing with any condition or injury.

By “individual based” I mean that each person has their own unique constitution that must be taken into account in any treatment plan. Some people are very flexible, some are quite stiff, some hold their tension in the neck and shoulders and others on their low back.

As an example, if someone comes in with sciatica and would like treatment, we first want to find the cause but also what else has been affected due to the condition. If the hip is painful, there is a good chance that muscles around the joint will become overly strained as they try to “brace” the injured area so that we can get through the day. Why is there sciatic pain? Is it due to hyper-mobility, through trauma or through muscles that are too tight? We have to treat each individual as a unique condition.

The Thai Massage Approach: Thai massage uses a variety of techniques to address musculo-sceletal conditions and some or all will be used during treatment.

  • Soft Tissue massage –
  • Facial Release therapy
  • Range of Motion/mobilization of joints
  • Acupressure/trigger point therapy
  • Stretching -mild to deep techniques
  • Sen line Therapy (much like meridians in TCM)
  • Heat and Cold therapy