What is the difference between Thai massage and other forms of massage?

This is one of the most often asked questions and has generated some great conversations about how Thai massage fits into the scheme of things.

There are so many types of Thai massage -even within Thailand there is no “unilateral” standard. Each style and type has it’s own merits and will appeal to different people. This means that depending on where your therapist studied, with which teacher or school as well as for how long can make a big difference in your treatment.

Let’s begin with the most basic -Although there are different types of Thai massage practiced by people with a variety of backgrounds this will pertain to the most commonly practiced method and the one that is practiced and taught through ThaiVeda.

Generally, Thai massage is performed on a soft mat on the floor but can be accommodated to a massage table -often for clients that would have difficulty moving to or from the floor mat. The recipient receives the massage wearing loose comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and mobility.