Thai Massage Therapy



Understanding Thai Massage Therapy

This ancient practice can be traced on the origins of thai traditional medicine and its conception of life and nature. As part of it, humans are a mix of elements combined in different proportions and animated by the life force or lom pran in thai. The balance of the elements in the body results in a good energy flow.

All this concepts were familiar to the buddhist tradition that arrived to Thailand with the traveller monks who also had their own approach towards natural medicineĀ  which merged with thai ancient medical practices.

Thai massage is one of the multiple medical traditions that has been practiced for centuries in Thailand and, as every practice, it has evolved and grown with time.

There are so many types of Thai massage nowadays (even within Thailand) that there is no “unilateral” standard. Each style and type has it’s own merits and will appeal to different people. This means that depending on where your therapist studied, with which teacher or school as well as for how long, can make a big difference in your treatment.

Let’s begin with the most basic. Although there are different types of Thai massage practiced by people with a variety of backgrounds this site will pertain to the most commonly practiced method and the one that is practiced and taught through ThaiVeda.

Generally, Thai massage is performed on a soft mat on the floor but can be accommodated to a massage table, often for clients that would have difficulty moving to or from the floor mat. The recipient receives the massage wearing loose comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and mobility.

The duration of the massage can vary from a one hour to a three hoursĀ“ session and the approach also varies depending on the actual condition of the recipient. The ayurvedic approach of ThaiVeda gives to each recipient the adequate movements, stretches, pressure and sen line work according to their own doshas and needs.

Thai massage helps releasing pain

Improves blood circulation

It improves your movement range

Helps relaxing the nervous system

Helps diminishing stress and relaxes body and mind

Improves prana flow in the energetic system

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