Thai Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Yoga massage all refer to the same form of bodywork that is widely practiced in Thailand. For those who have visited Thailand or experienced a Thai massage here, you’ll understand why Thai massage is so effective. In Thailand, it is practiced widely and considered an important aspect of health care.

Thai Massage is a profoundly effective therapeutic massage treatment which is known to improve flexibility, range of motion and to ease pain and discomfort from musculo-skeletal conditions as well as to reduce the effects of stress and tension from over use.

Depending on the unique needs of each client, the therapist will integrate a number of methods including acupressure and massage techniques with stretching, joint mobilization, traction as well as deep pressure to the affected areas.

Anticipate flowing movements uniquely tailored to your needs for that day. The trained therapist will guide you through a sequence of movements and stretches that relaxes, reduces muscle tension, and brings awareness to the connection between mind and body.

How does it feel?
Your body will quickly respond to the balancing nature of Thai Massage. The result will be a profound relaxation which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed. –maybe refreshed would be better.

One of the foundations of Thai massage is that we treat the individual -this means the therapist will tailor the types of techniques used, the amount of pressure and the degree of stretching according to your requirements that day as well as your preferences.

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